Colorful paintings vibrating the sound and emotions of the soul, Stefan Schaffeld’s paintings invite the viewer to look deeper into it, to discover the beauty of the creation, and to look beyond the obvious. Eventually the viewer can feel what the artist was feeling, or feel further mixed with the viewer’s own emotions and experiences.

Stefan Schaffeld’s personal journey as an artist began early in his childhood. Born in the province of Noord-Brabant in the southern Netherlands, Stefan adapted the language of drawing and painting from early age. Art was his main communication mean as he could not speak for quite some years. Thus getting his voice out there to family members and others did come through his creations on paper. The region of Brabant as a traditional and poor farming land is well known, mainly because of Vincent van Gogh who was born and grew up there more than 100 years before Stefan was born

Besides having early pencil and paper in his hands, he was further exposed to art through his parents interest, having various art books from Rembrandt, the French impressionism and of course van Gogh at home. So Stefan’s interest in art flourished further.

At school Stefan strongly demonstrated his talents in art and he wanted to do more. He took some art classes at local museums. When he was around 10, he was encouraged to go to art school for developing further his skills. Due to the financial background of the family he could not go.

Meanwhile the family moved from the Netherlands to Germany because of his father’s job situation. Stefan continued to participate in local art competitions and won several first prizes.

He began working with oil and later with acryl, to discover the various aspects of media in expressive ways.

With time going by, he moved into another direction, skipped academic art education, went to university into science and engineering, and afterwards he pursued a career beyond art in international companies with intense exposure to other cultures and countries. Art played in that time a minor role.

Stefan went eventually through a personal crisis and unplugged again his inner talents and drive for art. He followed intense studies and a disciplined approach in developing deeper his drawing skills from Charles Bargue's drawing lessons (Cours De Dessin, together with Jean-Léon Gérôme)  -– Vincent van Gogh copied the platework during his life several times – and his observation skills with the drawing lessons from Nicolaides, a student from the Art Student’s League in New York.

During the last years Stefan went deeper into the expressive art creation and discovered gouache on paper technique that enabled his spontaneous style of immediate transcription of his own emotions and body vibrations to the surface.

He studied C.G. Jung psychological approach to artefacts and symbols, Arno Stern’s approach of ‘Expression’ derived from children to adults, and learned how the inner psychological landscape is reflecting the outer world. Also some aspects from art therapy about the healing and consolation power of art influenced his style and the techniques he applied in art creations.

Stefan lives at the moment not far away the boarder of the North Sea. The wind and the water provides him with intense natural feelings he absorbs deeply. Eventually mixed with other impressions and emotions it will be translated into new art pieces. Important for him is having space around him (mentally and physically) to let the creations free flowing. The struggle of the soul, the body, and mind are transcribed with Stefan’s art into colorful and vibrating paintings that encourage the viewer to see, to listen and to enjoy.

His style could be described as expressive or personal abstraction. He calls those paintings ‘Soulscapes’, as they convey the struggle of the soul and the inner landscapes to the viewer.

Collectors of his art are enjoying the vibration and the untold voices coming from his paintings. They feel touched by the spirit and options to discover new things with time. His works are in private collection mainly in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany.

Stefan is continuing his path and discovering new techniques. Also he moves on with supporting others to express themselves in a spontaneous ‘expressive’ and painterly way.