Stefan Schaffeld is a contemporary art painter, born in Eindhoven, Netherlands. He creates expressive abstract works in gouache on paper. His background is most self-educated in classical drawing and painting skills as well as experimenting with various media. The creations - so called "Soulscapes" - are a personal view in a unique and transcribed way of his inner world and around him, where he also finds his inspiration.

His personal journey as an artist began early in his childhood to express himself without being able to speak till schooling. He learned drawing and painting skills and later oil and acryl techniques by himself, through copying master paintings, and through lessons in the community. Over the last years, Stefan went deeper into the expressive art creation and discovered gouache on paper technique that enabled his spontaneous style of immediate transcription of his emotions and body vibrations to the surface. Besides this rather spontaneous approach he also paints in oil and makes more figurative gesture drawing in Litho chalk and other expressive sketching media.

Stefan draws some input and was to some extent influenced by a few historical and more recent artists and others. On the one hand it is Vincent van Gogh’s struggle in life and to find consolation in art through personal expression (and good to know that van Gogh came from the same region in Netherlands as Stefan). From more recent art history it is worth to mention that the movements of American abstract expressionism (action painting), of the Art Informel (personal expression), the lyrical abstraction, and the COBRA group (natural, spontaneous uninfluenced expression) impacted his view on expressive und soul based art. Further influences derived from other more psychological areas as C.G. Jung psychological concepts of artefacts and inner pictures, and Arno Stern’s concept of ‘Expression’ that reflects the grow of children to adults (individualization). Last not least in his art Stefan believes strongly that art provides a healing and consolation pathway for the artist as well as for the viewer, as newest studies from art therapy and artist research are showing.

Stefan cannot wait to paint when his inner voice and his inner pictures are driving him to express himself. The paintings show a solitude and serenity but also the passion about creating them. Some pieces are made in rather a gesture based style some others are purely abstract expressions of inner landscapes that invites the viewer for free imagination. A specific title for such works would narrow the meaning too much. All of them vibrates with his energy and feelings, entertaining the soul and the heart and the imagination of the viewer. 

His style could be described as expressive personal abstraction. He leaves the historical influences behind him and builds on stronger links from the different approaches. He calls his gouache paintings ‘Soulscapes’, as they convey the struggle of the soul and the inner landscapes to the viewer.

Nowadays, Stefan applies gouache paint in pure and dense colors, sometimes raw pigments, with brushes and rollers to the paper surface. He uses water but not only as a solvent but also as a paint in such a way as this enables him to create new structures on already applied gouache paint. The paper provides him with a flexible surface that can be shaken and moved as the water and the waves of the ocean. With his full body movement he transcribes and expresses more and directly the emotions.

His art philosophy could be formulated as: Art creation is an act of transcribing inner pictures, voices, and emotions to the viewer's world within the context of applying colors, structures, layers to it. And to provide a healing and consolation pathway for the artist himself as well as for the viewer.

Stefan brings unique combination of elements to his work – personal, multicultural experience, professional skills - that give him the credibility of being an original. Each art piece is unique, but in the context of several pieces together and his background and his applied technique, the vitality and vibrancy are showing the true value of his work.